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Tiffany La Belle Store for Fashion Illustrations and Fine Art


Based in Melbourne, Australia, Tiffany La Belle works as a full time illustrator and artist.   Illustrating for fashion, creating glamorous, whimsical, fantasy fashion scenes. Painting primarily in acrylics and in most of her artwork Tiffany celebrates the use of metallic paints. 

For the last 10 years Tiffany has been living abroad. With international recognition for her work there and a swift sell out of her fine art and collectables, Tiffany decided to relocate her base to Australia.  

There's been strong influence in her creations during her time spent overseas, in particular her fine art.

"My inspiration comes from all things of beauty, my environment, woman, fashion, flowers, music, movies, vintage, architecture, interior design and much more…" 

Tiffany has a background in interior architecture and throughout her life has always expressed herself through her creations, illustrating, designing and painting. 

"When a client receives one of my creations, the happiness and joy it brings to them is why I love to do what I do.  Their appreciation of my work is priceless to me."

"I love everything about what I do and I'm delighted to touch those around me through my illustrations, art and creations."

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